Fun fact: I really enjoy sport coats.


I'm going to avoid jargon the best I can. I am a creative and what I do is create; always with the intention of the result being awesome and having fun. I mainly focus on graphic design and branding but I also make websites and other digital work. Sometimes I’m an illustrator, video editor, motion graphics maker, experience creator–whatever the situation calls for. I’m a problem solver. Always the "self starter" type that seeks out something different to learn even without any prior related experience. I’m a musician and a general music nerd that loves technology and media. Give me something new and let me be creative and I'll take a hard stab at it. My goal is to never say "I can't". 

I've worked with small local clients as well as the large corporate ones and helped them create content, better communicate with their target audience , and launch brands or products. Over the last few years I have worked on branding, packaging and positioning of several CBD & Cannabis companies from here to California. More recently I’ve helped found The Corporate Electric with Jim Harper, an agency located in Edwardsville, IL that serves clients in the Greater St. Louis area and just about everywhere else.

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